Start ‘Em Young: One High School’s Vision

A few weeks ago, the student club I sponsor had the honor of hosting an American Meat movie night. The club is called “Food Club," and it's sole focus is to educate students about healthy, sustainable food. The Food Club was started by two students after a different movie screening last spring, which prompted them to take action.

American Meat is exactly what Food club is about. With about 150 adults and teenagers present at a screening at our school, Hermitage High School outside Richmond, VA, American Meat planted the seed in so many young people to know where their food comes from, and to find local farmers who are doing good things on their farms like Joel Salatin.

The students were also charged with the idea of becoming farmers themselves. We had another young, local farmer from Keenbell Farm in Hanover, VA who helped to emphasize that point. After the film, several students asked, “Can we take a field trip to his farm?” How many times can you remember a suburban, high school student wanting to go to a farm?! It’s one of those moments that completely warms your heart.

A special thanks to Chipotle for providing a common place for my students to enjoy great, healthy food!

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