Animal Husbandry Class

Lots of eager faces. Most of them young. 

We did a special screening as part of Just Food's Animal Husbandry class being taught by Craig Haney and Dan Carr of Stone Barns. It was kind of an odd spot for it too, in the Wall St. Journal's building in Midtown Manhattan. The security guards seemed kind of relieved to see folks in comfortable clothes shooting up the elevator to the venue. 

The students in the class were filled with the passion and energy reserved only for beginners- and experts. Everyone was excited at the prospect of raising bees, or fish, or chickens, or pigs. Everyone wanted to learn. There were a couple of young fellows from Wassaic, who recently purchased 60 acres or so- this is upstate- and were palpably ready to jump in after taking the class. They'd driven hours and hours and hours South into the city just for the 2 hour class. And they'd done this repeatedly for over a month. 

It was the last class, and to celebrate they screened the documentary, and shared a potluck meal of food. The conversation following was fervent, people concerned about the future prospects of our culture and often the topics turned to what is needed for a less turbulent transition from high-input agriculture. 

It was great to see Craig and Dan, both of whom are so humble, and so kind. They are both in our documentary, and we're kind enough to sit through it again.  

People said goodbyes and out the revolving doors into the city night.

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