Back on the Road

After a brief furlough in NYC with some friends/loved ones, we drove west to Ohio , back on the road. Victoria hosted us at Baldwin Wallace, along w the group Students for Environmental Advocacy, (SEA) or something like that. Rebecca, who started the student farm at BW and just graduated led the post screening conversation. Most of the 70 there stuck around, as the conversation wrapped up a little after 8. There's a palpable movement, young people interested in agriculture, a shift that Mary, a professor at Case can feel, and one that prompted Cassandra a prof at BW to start a class called the future of food. Piper talked about leveraging purchasing power to cause incremental change, Erica talked about how food creates community, citing the growth of neighborhoods with the growth of farmers markets and outdoor spaces in a neighborhood. We said goodbyes and thankyous and headed to Akron where we dinnered at the rail, with dev and his brother Damon , super nice, funny guys who are brothers and long time friends of Andy. Sleep now.

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