Day of Rest

Went out looking for eagles again in the morning with Paul, this time joined by Phyllis. We were further North near Fertile, and moved along the Winnebago River. Winnebago is named for a Native tribe, not for a recreational vehicle. As we drove the country, Phyllis told the history of the families in the region, often stories of troubled times. We stopped by and said hello to Phyllis' sister Gale, who loves ducks.

 Through the afternoon, we saw a number of nests, and eagles, as both Paul and Phyllis are very familiar with the area.

 Phyllis showed us how to play teapots as musical instruments before we headed back to Paul's farm. There we sent out e-mails and started editing the next group of videos that we'll post by day's end tomorrow.

 It was a day of rest and preparation for the times ahead.

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