Friday at Syracuse

De Ruyter was postponed because of a snowstorm earlier in the week, that messed up scheduling. It meant more sleep. 

We drove out to Syracuse super early, lunching at Chipotle, and then meeting up with Susan, my girlfriend, who made the trip up during her spring break- she's a teacher. 
About 100 folks turned out, as Melissa did a great job of setting up food, and Ben, perhaps a student there, helped out, too. 
The conversation following centered largely around what people can do. There was discussion of policy, of the Farm Bill, and of how beginning farmers can get started. Matt, who runs a diversified farm in the area, talked about his farm, about the CSA. 
After, we met 13 year old, JW Griffiths, a young farmer raising rabbits, chickens, pigs and cattle. Hopefully, we'll tell his story in our upcoming documentary. 
We drove to Ithaca, where we'd stay for the weekend. 


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