Minneapolis Farmers Market

Sunday, Southern Minnesota got some much needed rain. 

That meant the crowds at the Minneapolis Farmers Market had to deal. 


A much needed day of rain Sunday at the Minneapolis Farmers Market. (Photo S. Yao)

We were there because the good folks, Susan and Rachele of the Minneapolis Farmers Market podcast, invited us to talk about the documentary and promote our upcoming event Wednesday August 1st


Rachele monitors audio during the downpour outside. (Photo S. Yao)

The makeshift sound studio was put to the test by the patter of the rain and the nearby interstate, but Rachele was able to make the sound work, and Susan led a conversation about agriculture that discussed why people are disproportionately interested in young farmers and what's happening at grass-based farms like Polyface. 


Susan asks a question about the local food movement. (Photo S. Yao)

It was a quick conversation, or at least it seemed that way, and we said goodbyes and headed south to Iowa to visit some friends there. 




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