New Outreach Coordinator: Kirsten

As the new Outreach Coordinator, I work with the American Meat team to distribute the film and its message, primarily by helping organize screenings across the nation. Getting people conscious about where the food on their table comes from and how it gets there is something that I care about very much. I spent the greater part of my childhood growing up in a small, rural town in Colorado that is heavily dependent upon industrial agriculture. After seeing the processes and products, both material and cultural, that are integral to large-scale commodity farming, I became very interested in the various complicated issues that accompany the American system of food production. I am excited to work with American Meat to be a part of changing agriculture in America for the better.

I am a junior at NYU, studying Environmental Studies and Journalism. I love to write, particularly about environmental issues. Working for American Meat is a great new opportunity for me to learn about documentary as a both a form of journalism and a way to create green awareness. Eventually I hope to combine my interests in environmental studies and journalism and become a magazine writer for a publication like National Geographic.

Food is something that is inevitably involved in the life of every person and organism on Earth. It’s important from so many perspectives — environment, human health, economy, culture, etc. As an avid distance runner, I am passionate about food, health, and nature. The three should work together in harmony. Films like American Meat are the first step toward creating the food and environmental awareness that will help bring that harmony back to America. I’m so glad to be able to contribute!

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