After the marathon sleep, at least on this end... Andy edited much of that time... we drove 4 hours south through the hills of upstate along the two lane roads. 

We got in with a couple hours of spare time, which was a bit odd because after months of being on the road, being in the surroundings of home for only a few passing hours before departure is a bit odd. 

We walked over to Kimmel at NYU where Jason Lindy and Earth Matters hosted us. About 50 students and community members joined the screening, about 70 less than rsvped, which was a bit of a surprise, that may in part been because it was the 2nd day of Passover.
The conversation following talked about some of the challenges we face as a food movement, people wanting to know what they can do to have an impact. Join the mailing lists of Organic Consumers Association, Food Democracy Now and National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition was replied. Matthew Hoffman talked about the disconnect between rural and urban communities, about how local agricultural solutions are more applicable in Vermont than the city. Caroline talked about how subsidies are a very small part of the problem, that the impact we must have is on the middle companies, the corporations. She said that often the onus is put on people who eat and on farmers, however, breaking up monopolies in meat packing and other areas is vital.
Mike yezzi, of flying pigs farm, who's in the film talked about how fortunate he is to be based near NYC a major population center w a growing knowledge and want for local food.
We said goodbyes and thankyous, and headed out.
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