On the Road

We woke up at 8 and started our four hour drive west to Sloan, IA, across 80 and up 29, both major highways. We made it in 3 hours, and stopped at the only restaurant in town- a pizza place- where we got cheese pizza. Dan Witten, greeted us at Westwood- which is a school that has 6 former school districts consolidated into one. 

Right before the screening- there had just been a pep rally for the State wrestling tourney- which is happening this weekend- so the kids were pretty riled up. This meant they were a bit talkative throughout the screening- and reacted quite loudly during the slaughter scenes. It was afternoon, and many were not going to be in school the next day, so I think it's fair to say a few had "checked out" a little early. The 80 or so kids were kind enough to sing happy birthday to me- as today was my birthday. I had planned on keeping this a secret, but my dad had alerted Dan- who then told the auditorium filled with kids. I haven't been that red in the face since highschool. Despite the afternoons many distractions,  we did get a few good conversations in the groups, and were extremely excited to hear that Dan had been able to have some of his FFA members raise hogs at a nearby farm, where a very generous individual- had allowed the group to use the land. This got us thinking- shouldn't every FFA chapter or district- have a farm? What about a database that matches farmers willing to open up their land to FFA members that want hands-on on-farm experience? This will definitely come up next time I talk to good friend and FFA state advisor- Dale Gruis!

We stopped in Le Mars for the night, for the second time, and Chris-being the good generous man that he is- treated me and Andy to a wonderful meal at Archie's a legendary eatery in the area. Many stories were told, and lots of food consumed- I think I put down more than a pound of Alaskan crab- quite the birthday feast.

Full of stomach, and with three screenings tomorrow, we were ready for a night's sleep when Chris' GPS' computer-generated british female voice told us we had arrived at the hotel. 

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