Patrick Diedrich

Farm: DeWitt, IA

Bio: Patrick has pretty much been farming since he was born and was driving tractors before he could even reach the pedals. He enjoys the unique experiences that farming provides. With farming, you are never in the same place doing the same thing which keeps it interesting. He works with his dad who has taught him everything he knows. His dream is to have a farm with a diverse array of animals from fish to chicken. He wants to be able to open up his farm and get an FFA chapter invovled giving high schoolers jobs. Unfortunately for Patrick, in order to live out his dream he knows he will need to hold down a part-time job as well. Working on a farm of his size is not enough to make a living anymore. Despite not having a lot of money growing up, Patrick enjoyed a great childhood with his parents and sister. Working on the farm has made them extremely close over the years.

Patrick is the SE District FFA President in Iowa.

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