SE Warren & Newton

Bill knocked. The day started with tea and bread- faro- I think it's called. It's filled with oats and Bill makes it almost every day. Toasted with butter.

Out on the road heading West and North to South East Warren High. The drive was quiet, as Andy stayed in Fairfield to edit, and it is near the end of the trip. And endings seem to be quiet usually.

Brooke greeted, and led the group out of the FFA building- a lot of schools have a separate building that is next to the school specifically for FFA- to the auditorium where about 40 students, Brooke, and another teacher sat and watched. Periodically, a loud buzzer would go off, signaling the end of one class, and the beginning of another. Some students stayed throughout, some left for class, some joined midway. We talked about the impact of technological innovation on agriculture, the advantages and disadvantages. We talked about grass-based production and local economies. The class was engaged, and it was a productive conversation, everyone in the room learning, listening.

A couple hours later the last screening started North and East at Newton. A highschooler named Christian greeted me and walked me through the maze of hallways and doorways to the auditorium where about 70 FFA students and a few local farmers were seated. School got out earlier than anticipated so we were only able to watch two-thirds of the film. It was another engaged group, one that was particularly effective when communicating the challenges of grass-based farming in Iowa. A number of kids came up and said thanks, before heading off to band practice, or sports practice, or home, perhaps to farm. 

Most of our screenings- there were 35- were filled with young people who farm, who are interested in agriculture. There were so many open minds, so many constructive conversations. I've learned much about the challenges young farmers face, and the joys that they share. This trip has been a privilege. 

Tomorrow, assuming the engine has been replaced successfully, we'll begin the trip back East. 

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