Single Source

Drove a couple hours to Houston, where we grabbed a great lunch at Local Foods before being hosted by Kayla, and the Student Nutrition Association, an intimate gathering of about 15 people who took time out of a busy afternoon class schedule to watch the documentary and talk following. Ray Law, a cattleman who sells direct to folks in 4 Houston area farmers markets talked about his dislike for government, and his desire to sell directly to customers. One of the panelists, a professor whose name escapes, talked about how she has trouble trusting something unless she can be confident that it has been inspected, labeled, and sealed.


Mentioned that often the biggest recalls come from the packages in the grocery store. That often a package of ground beef in the cooler of a grocery will contain hundreds, perhaps of thousands of different animals in one package. The more animals that are in your burger, the better chance that one of those animals was sick. Ray pointed out that if you buy ground beef from him, it's coming from one animal, a single source, and because it is being slaughtered in a much smaller facility, the animal will get a more thorough inspection than a place where thousands upon thousands of carcasses swing by in a few hours. A simplification perhaps, however, it is hard to disagree with the basic premise.

The professor agreed that she trusted farmers, and mentioned that she will eat meat that has been hunted because she knows the animal lived a natural life in God's creation. We said goodbyes and thank yous and headed out to find a place to camp out before tonight's screening at Rice.

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