Thursday in Buffalo

We got a few hours of sleep and headed East, knee deep in the longest leg of driving for this 6 month journey. 

As the hours of the morning turned afternoon, we drove through Indiana, Ohio, and into Pennsylvania occasionally stopping at rest areas and toll booths. We hit a snow storm during the last two hours of the drive, and arrived at the University of Buffalo just as the panel discussion started. It was a great discussion, Samina, a professor who is researching ways for government to get out of the way of small farms and small processing facilities, Doug, a farmer in his 70s who raises grass-fed beef and Jesse, of Massachusetts Ave. Farm who Samina said will be an agricultural leader in the region. We talked about liability issues, about the need to build strong community to have local agriculture. The conversation seemed to revolve largely around health, around recalls of meats and how we as a country can avoid more recalls in the future. 
Exhausted, we got dinner at a high-falutin place with local sourced food, our first meal of the day. It was really good. We found a cheap motel on the outskirts of Buffalo and slept and slept. 
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