Word's Getting Out

Word is getting out. 

Tom plopped down the locally raised hot dogs and brawts on the grill. 

Tom works the grill! (Photo S. Yao) 

He's the meat manager at the St. Peter's Food Co-op. The grill was filled with meat from Prairie Pride Farm, and were lucky enough to be joined by Dawn Hubmer, who raised the food we were all eating. 

Dinner. (Photo S. Yao)

Well over a hundred people poured into the parking lot area of the Treaty History Site, a thoughtful museum dedicated to the history of Nicollet County, and specifically to the Native American populations there. 

The museum where everything happened. 

People shared food at picnic tables and once those filled up, meandered through the museum learning about the past. 

Every seat of the hundred we put out was filled, and so we brought out more. 

John talks about how important it was that we were all there together. (Photo S. Yao)

Following the screening, we talked about the agriculture of the region, Tim talking about the difficulty for farmers to get land. And Dawn and John talking about they were lucky enough to either be born into, or marry into, land which made their careers in agriculture possible. Todd Lein, of Thousand Hills Cattle Company, who was at his 3rd screening and panel, talked about how important it was that we don't be too hard on ourselves, but that we make conscious decisions. 

The enthusiasm spilled over into the after screening conversations, and connections were made as to how we should screen at Gustavus Adolphus in St. Peter when we return in March.  

It's a good sign that we've seen our largest crowds towards the end of our screenings, perhaps an indicator, that word of our documentary, and of the food and conversations that have been a part of these events is beginning to strike a chord. Word is getting out. 



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