California State University Los Angeles

The reception will be held in University-Student Union, U-SU Los Ange­les Room at 10:00 am followed by the screening and panel discussion in the U-SU The­atre at 10:45 am. 

Panelists include: 

John de Bruin - Owner/Rancher, DeyDey's Best Beef Ever

John de Bruin obtained his MS in Physics in 1971. His subsequent career focused on building high tech satellite systems for the US Military Services. He never quite lost his passion for farming which he acquired working as an intern for two summers in his youth. He retired from Aerospace in 2003 and re-energized his dream of having a farm and took up grass farming. He started DeyDey's Best Beef Ever with the vision of raising the best tasting, healthiest meats that his research supported and doing it in a way that respected the environment. Raising grass was and is the cornerstone of the operation and having that grass harvested directly by his fleard (cattle, chickens, and pigs) allows for a sustainable enterprise committed to minimizing external inputs and recycling as much as possible. DeyDey's mostly markets its products directly to customers through Farmers Markets. DeyDey's primarily serves customers in California focusing specifically on the Central Coast and Los Angeles areas. DeyDey's has a full internet presence with an online store. He can be found at


Maurice Kaehler - Organizer, Curator, Spirit Commissioner 

Maurice Kaehler is a social entrepreneur, author, producer, clothing designer, and visionary healer. He is the Founder/CEO of EPIC62 surfwear and is author of the upcoming book, “Portal Yoga – A Visionary Practice for Humanity.”  Farming background includes being raised on the K-12 Dairy in Lodi, California and a decade working for beef and dairy famers at Los Angeles farmer’s markets.  An inspirational confidant and writer, Maurice writes weekly at  Practicing yoga since 1988 and teaching since 1993, he is the founder/developer of Swami O’Bryan’s, a yoga studio where he currently teaches and practices Portal Yoga.  Private and corporate clients have included Madonna, Tim Daly, Gil Bellows, Chadwick School/Rancho Palos Verdes, The Ritz Carlton – Pasadena, Loews Hotel Santa Monica, First Interstate Bank, BP Petroleum and The SoCal Gas Company.    

Maurice produces/curates events through TEDxLAMiracleMile.  He has been interviewed on KCRW’s Good Food and was featured in Brentwood News, Pasadena Weekly, and Intentionally Urban Magazine.


Sunil Mangalassary - Professor of Food Science and Technology at CSULA

Sunil Mangalassary is a faculty in the Food Science and Technology program at CSULA. He is a DVM graduate from India who practiced in the area of animal production, large animal veterinary medicine and later completed an MS in meat science. Sunil taught and trained students in the areas of meat production, processing and by-product utilization for 5 years in India before moving to the United States. He received a Ph.D. in food technology from Clemson University, South Carolina with an emphasis in food safety. Sunil’s current research interests are in the area of food safety enhancement through minimal processing technologies and natural preservatives, biodegradable packaging, and improvement of meat quality through spice marination and other natural methods. Sunil has published peer reviewed journal articles on food pathogen control, antimicrobial packaging and book chapters on thermal processing of poultry products and eco-friendly meat packaging. 

Kazi Pitelka - Violist, Urban farmer
Kazi Pitelka once described herself as joyfully obsessed with growing food in the backyard. That joy has now moved firmly into both her front yard and other people’s yards. Her gardening, cooking, preserving and animal husbandry have been featured in the Los Angeles Times and Pasadena Star News, and on Evan Kleiman's "Good Food" on KCRW. She gives lectures, leads garden tours and teaches adults and children, including annual visits for Pasadena Waldorf School's third grade farming curriculum. Kazi has been growing fruit and vegetables in southern California for over 30 years and raising chickens and turkeys for 12. Her last orchard produced 120 different kinds of fruit. Her search for successful varieties and methods for southern California is energized by the satisfaction of watching food grow; the assurance of quality in meat and eggs; the pleasure of combining colors, textures, and flavors in the kitchen; and the enjoyment of amazing tastes from food that is vibrantly fresh from the garden.
Debbie Rocker - Executive at Rocker Bros. Meat & Provisions, Inc.
A passionate entrepreneur, Debbie has worked in a variety of industries, including health & fitness, and most recently, she has returned to the meat industry to work with her brothers at Rocker Bros. Meat. Debbie's personal passion and special focus at Rocker Bros. is establishing, after a long and arduous research and vetting process, relationships with companies that raise their animals naturally, humanely, and locally.  In addition Debbie instituted and launched the first ever box-free delivery program in the meat business, by creating USDA approved plastic totes for delivery at Rocker Bros.
Micah Wexler - Executive Chef and Partner at Mezze
Having prepared delightful meals all over the world, it is a bit of a surprise to know that professional chef Micah Wexler started his culinary passion in Los Angeles. Wexler began his chef experience in Brentwood at Vicenti Restaurant where he worked under the famous Gino Angelini. After completing his courses at Cornell University, Wexler continued to cook in Spain, Italy, and New York before he returned to California. Known as Executive Chef of Mezze which opened in March 2011, there Wexler prepared Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine in a mezze style for customers. In 2012, he was among the few who won the noble 'Chef of the Year Award'.
Graham Meriwether - Director of American Meat
Moderated by Marie-Julie "MJ" Richer-Roy
Marie-Julie is pursuing an undergraduate degree in Food Science at CSULA. Her lifelong passion for food is what brought her to choose this exciting field of study. It is this passion that motivates her research on the germination of quinoa seeds. Her hard work has been formally recognized as she became the recipient of scholarships from both AACC International and the Southern California Institute of Food Technologists Section. She is also involved in campus life as the President of the Food Science and Technology club. Her other interests include genealogy, knitting, reading, old movies and of course cooking. 


January 31, 2013 at 10am

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