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Proposition 37

Prop 37

Whether you’re for or against California’s controversial Proposition 37, one thing is irrefutable- The amount of money being thrown around to inform or dissuade the public. Huge food conglomerates like ConAgra and Monsanto have already put millions of dollars towards keeping Prop 37 from passing. Spending by these big companies has exceeded tens of millions of dollars with more to come!

If passed, Prop 37 would require companies to label foods containing Genetically Modified Organisms or GMOs. This is a huge step towards transparency in food manufacturing. Over the years people have become extremely disconnected from their food and Proposition 37 seeks to change that. Whether it passes or not, Prop 37 is certainly a step in the right direction for informing people about what they are eating and where it comes from. The even bigger underlying question here is why spend so much money?! Monsanto alone has already spent $4.2 million trying to keep Prop 37 from passing, and while I support the company’s right to donate money to a cause it believes in, I do not support the amount. ConAgra, Monsanto, Pepsi and Nestle are all food companies donating millions of dollars to keep Prop 37 from passing, but we still have starving Americans right in our backyards! 16 million Americans are at risk of going hungry every single day (a statistic I found on the ConAgra website!!). We as a nation need to take a step back and not question the contents of the proposition but question the amount of money going towards it.

Even if ConAgra allocated 1% of the money it is spending on Prop 37 to helping impoverished children, that’s $40,000! The amount of money companies are spending to “inform” voters is staggering, there needs to be a shift away from this big spending and a move towards big donating.

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