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Thank you to all the farmers for all the work you do feeding the world. I hope everyone will have the opportunity to see the film American Meat and in some way become engaged in the movement for healthy food. Like the Facebook Page, check out the web site and see the film when the opportunity presents itself.

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It’s great that the film is allowing to have a more objective view of farming. Through the film more people are thinking in the realm of solutions which is very inspiring.

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I’m totally enjoying the blog! I feel the excitement of the local food movement taking place in the heartland of America.

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Hearing the students, community members & farmers of all ages talk about their experience gives us hope for the future of farming. This is an awesome glimpse into the lives of farmers & the work they do - it’s like pulling a curtain aside to reveal so many stories of land, people, animals & food.

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Dominique Bouillon

1 Million for 1 Billion: Money for Young Farmers

GOAL: 1,000,000 signatures

The average age of the American Farmer is 57. 

It goes up and up every year. 

We need to inspire and support the next generation of America's farmers.

Join us in the effort to shift 1 billion dollars of government subsidies to help young people become farmers.

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