Hard Work: The Ultimate Secret Ingredient

10 years ago grass-fed would have likely been a word that passed quickly over the heads of 90% of consumers. Farm-to-Table, raw, vegan and free range just weren't in the vocabularies of most Americans. Flash forward to today and whether or not people choose/are able to eat food with those ingredients, that same 90% probably at least understands the significance of those words.

Flavor. Flavor is so important in the foods we eat. I had the privilege of eating some biodynamic beef last week and the flavor was unrivaled by almost any other beef I had ever eaten. Of course the beef was flavorful because of the taste but I think the fact that the farmers who raised it used biodynamic methods enhanced the experience. Biodynamic agriculture emphasizes the connection that all living organisms have with each other, everything from planting the grass a certain way to making sure cows are disposed of properly. What this essentially means is that farmers who raise livestock using biodynamic methods take great measures to bring you wholesome food with love and hard-work.

That's what Dan Barber, a chef in New York is talking about in this video clip. There is an added flavor to food when you can literally see the fruits of a farmer's labor. Eating a salad with farm raised tomatoes is tasty but it is especially tasty when you can see the field where the tomatoes are grown. This brings us back to a central theme of American Meat and the grass-based movement. Understanding where food comes from and knowing the labor it took to bring it there are fundamental in getting our nation to start thinking differently about food. Seeing animals or rows of produce during a meal conceptualizes and embodies the hard work of farmers and allows us to appreciate each bite of food that much more.

We as a nation are moving back to the way our grandparents used to eat, which is absolutely a move in the right direction.

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