The Beauty of Farming


It's easy to get caught up in the practical benefits of the sustainable farming movement: Better for the animals, better for our health, better for the land and better for the environment. As Dan Barber says, there are thousands of different avenues that can bring you to sustainable farming. A multitude of different ways and reasons you can choose to start farming but beauty and appreciation for the land are two very important ones.

As we become more densely populated around the globe and forests make way for of neighborhoods, being able to have a plot of land is more important than ever. Of course Joel Salatin loves what he does for a living, he provides people with delicious wholesome sustenance and raises animals in a humane way. He is a steward of the land. But he also owns a little personal slice of heaven in Virginia. He owns land that he controls and can do with what he pleases. This is an extremely important aspect of farming. Whether you own hundreds of acres or a half an acre in a city somewhere, it's important to stop and examine our land's beauty. Even in a city as populated as New York there are small pieces of land that highlight nature's natural wonders.


Dan Barber's grandmother acquired Blue Hill Farm not with the intention of farming but because she was an artist with an appreciation for the land's beauty. Her desire to see land used as it was originally intended, with animals and plants thriving made way for Blue Hill and helped cultivate Dan's love of cooking. The importance of the sustainable food movement is not why or how you do it but just that you are involved in some way or another. 

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