The Power of Young Farmers

There has been a lot of talk about the importance and impact that young farmers will have on the future of agriculture but it's often nice to step back and reflect. As the median age of farmers increases and new/young farmers will shape the face of agriculture there seems to be a shift in the direction many people want to see farming go.

Seeing the passion and enthusiasm that many young farmers posses for their carrer paths is inspiring and encouraging for the future of agriculture. All of the young farmers we have stopped to interview along our journey share a similar outlook on life; being outside and tending to the earth is of the utmost importance to them. That's why the Young Farmer Screening Series and the Young Farmer Video series are both so important. These are opportunities for communities of young farmers to come together in support of an overarching goal, the goal to re-establish priorities in the way we eat and the way we view food.

For people who are thinking about farming as a career path, it is crucial for them to understand there is an entire network of likeminded individuals who would love to share and support the endeavors. Starting a farm is hard, most farmers will attest to their struggles along the way but those stuggles make the finished product sweeter. Waking up every day to something that you have cultivated, you have created is a feeling that's tough to rival.

The Stone Barnes Apprentice Program is a great example of young farmers coming together and forming a common bond. These apprentices are rising to a call to help change a current system, a system in dire need of repair. Seeing their camaraderie and desire to support each other speaks to the primary theme of this movement. People helping other people. Whether you help support your farmer down the street or your local butcher our message is to show that people are there. For the past 40+ years the human aspect has been removed from food. We haven't known where our meat, milk or veggies come from but that's changing and it's starting at places like Stone Barns.

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