We are what we eat part 2

70% of the antibiotics used in the United States are being fed to animals that are not sick. That's a fairly frightening number. The unnecessary use of antibiotics in humans is an extremely controversial subject and many doctors believe  our society over-prescribes medications that many times are not needed. Bacteria can build up immunities to certain types of antibiotics ultimately creating stronger more antibiotic resistant strains.

For the average American though, the idea of choosing antibiotic free meats can seem somewhat daunting. Fortunately we are starting to see the rise of companies like Niman Ranch and Applegate Organic and Natural Meats that provide alternatives to meat treated with antibiotics. We as consumers are in a vey unique position, we have the power to determine what's put on the shelves in supermarkets. Not directly of course, but if there is a collective movement towards a particular brand that specializes in antibiotic free meats, grocery stores will have to either start stocking what customers want or risk loosing customers. This brings us full circle to one of the 3 core goals of our film, to demonstrate to people that food choices really do matter.

The next time you go shopping and are contemplating the kind of deli meat to buy, remind yourself of the impact you can have on food and society as a whole when you make a purchase. It's all about taking small steps, if you choose to only by antibiotic free meats, maybe you can influence your friends and educate them as well. It all starts with an idea, one simple idea to pick up momentum and snowball into something huge. You have the power to get educated and stay informed. The more people you influence the more this movement can pick up steam. In the beginning phase it may not seem significant but if you remember that food choices matter, your one simple decision can lead to very powerful change.

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