Young Farmer Screening Series



This October, American Meat is kicking off a nationwide screening tour called the Young Farmer Screening Series. This tour will take place at universities, colleges, agricultural high-schools and FFA chapters aimed at stimulating dialogue about the meat industry, framing the conventional/organic debate from farmers’ perspectives, and inspiring young people to pursue careers in agriculture and food. 

The 10 states on the tour include: Missouri, Washington, Virginia, California, Texas, Colorado, Minnesota, Ohio, New York and Pennsylvania.

This series is important not only to us but to the farmers and communites we hope to impact. Our goals of this tour are to thank farmers, support young farmers and demonstrate that food choices matter. More information on states and dates of the screenings can be found here at American Meat Screenings. We hope to see you at one of our many screenings. We are pro-farmer!

Thanks to our incredible partners for making this screening series happen.


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