Joel Just Making Sense

Science without morality. Powerful words. Science is an important and fundamental part of our lives. It got us to the moon, it took a rover to Mars and it will allow us to keep discovering and understanding wonderful aspects of life. In a perfect world that's the science we would always know and love. But there is a scarier side to science. Science without morality which is what Joel mentions in this video.

The fact that we can scientifically engineer food to withstand frost or produce cows and chickens that grow bigger, faster is astounding. Somewhere along the way though we became so caught up in whether we could do this we stopped asking ourselves whether we should. Factory farming is not a perfect system, it's not even close to being a perfect system. Upon the introduction of factory farming, the concept of being able to feed large numbers of people for very little money must have been very attractive. But we can see that there are numerous issues associated with this method of farming, Mad Cow being one of them.

The justification for factory farming was that it could safely feed the masses for little money, but as demonstrated by Joel that simply isn't this case. It's time to take a long hard look at the Salatin method and for the skeptics to strongly consider his alternative. 

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